Ch. 5 – Out of Time

Only a moment passes. You barely have time to think.

Or...perhaps it was a minute or two.

Could it have been a whole hour? It must have been, for you remember thinking these thoughts many times.

Or...are you just now thinking them for the first time?


All you see is impenetrable golden light. It has enveloped you completely. Then, a voice echoes from within you. The voice is slow and seems to struggle.

"The sins we often regret are the ones we never commit."

You begin to notice the golden light form a set of yellow eyes.

“I shall wait for the wisest of all counselors."

The golden eyes focus in on you. They seem to look through you. 

"! P-p-please, where are you?"

The eyes finally remove their gaze from you. They seem to smile as they fade into the golden mist surrounding you.  The golden light begins to fade to gray, and you feel a hand squeezing your arm.

"! What did you just say?"

The light fades completely and you find yourself staring at a very concerned-looking Professor Quirrell.

"What happened?" you ask, as the world slowly stops spinning and comes into focus.

"Some sort of counter spell effected my watch. I didn't give these little goblins enough credit."

You look around and see dozens of goblins and clients going about their days: depositing coin, signing documents, and generally ignoring you both.

"We haven't skipped 3 days. My best guess, we skipped about...30. But you were talking just now. , you were saying, - something about regret."

Your heart is racing and your whole body feels cold as ice. 

Seeing you shivering, Quirrell lifts you to your feet and beckons you to follow him out of Gringotts and to safety.

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