Ch. 2 – The Leaky Toilet

Just then, the home telephone rings. Your dad leaves the kitchen to answer.

Your brother, getting over his shock that you will now be attending Hogwarts, begins guessing about which house you may end up in.

"I think you seem the type. But it will be interesting to see where the Sorting Hat places you. You better be in , like me, otherwise...

Just then, you overhear your dad raise his voice from the other room.

"What?! But Mr. Dursley, I had requested this day off over two months ago, I must insist're in a lighthouse?! What? Hello...hello?"

Your dad re-enters the room, looking extremely dejected. 

"Well, I'm so sorry, kiddos, but I'm not going to be able to see you off to school today. The director at the main branch just called to tell me that he is out of town and needs me to travel into Little Surrey to cover for him."

Your dad looks at you and your brother with a pleading grin.

“Do you think that you two can manage on your own?”

“Of course!” Your brother exclaims. “We’ve got this.”

Your brother puts his arm around you and begins to walk upstairs with you. He rounds the corner, and the two of you enter the guest bathroom. Without hesitation, he steps onto the toilet; puts both feet inside the bowl; calmly says, “Leaky Cauldron” and with a broad smile, flushes the toilet. 

Your brother vanishes into the drain with a twirl.

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