The Harry Potter
Create Your Own Adventure

The Harry Potter Create Your Own Adventure (HPCYOA) was built as a fun diversion, to explore the world of Harry Potter in an interactive and exciting way.

In the Harry Potter* CYOA, you are in control of your own unique witch or wizard and eventually journey through seven years of Hogwarts. Many decisions will confront you along your journey, and you will have to choose wisely or face the dire, often deadly, consequences. Are you ready to get started?

HPCYOA - Harry Potter Choose Your Own Adventure

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*J.K. Rowling generously gave permission for liberal use of her amazing Harry Potter books during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, I have created this for my three lovely daughters. If J.K. Rowling, Jim Kay or any of the amazing artists wish for me to remove any of their work, please send me an email.

HPCYOA is not related to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series that can be found at www.cyoa.com. Rather, this is a piece of fan-fiction within the role-playing gamebook genre.