Ch. 4 – A Hasty Withdraw

Quirrell, seeing the look of utter horror on your face, quickly continues, "I don't mean she explain it to you, personally. I am sorry, but...well your m-mother is gone. However, she kept a journal. I believe that the journal, along with the rest of her things, were moved to a special vault at Gringott's upon her death."

"Why weren't they returned to us?" You ask. Quirrell scoffs and replies, "The m-Ministry has secrets, . And the Unspeakables, well - they have even more. But fortunately, our purposes align. I also came to Diagon Alley today to visit Gringott's and retrieve her journal. She requested, upon my return from Albania, that I seek her out so that, t-together, we might learn more about her...particular area of study."

Quirrell hesitates. You feel him sizing you up, before he continues.

"If you want to know why you, a squib, can use a wand; if you'd like to know why you were accepted to Hogwarts; and if you'd like to know what your mother did at the Ministry as an Unspeakable - then we need to visit Gringott's. You deserve to know the t-truth."

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